Introduction of Quick Mold Change System

SANDSUN Quick Mold Change System is a useful system for injection molding machine and die casting machine. Which not only can help mold-changing workers to protect their safety and to reduce the time of mold changing, but also help company to build up bet

Safety function of our Quick mold Change System

  • Each hydraulic circuit has the function of check and avoiding oil leaking.
  • This quick mold change system can add pressure automatically when the pressure reduction.
  • Each hydraulic circuit has the function of inspection pressure and can be interlocked with the machine.
  • It adopts the intersecting direction to clamp the mold.
  • There are several functions on our quick mold change system to avoid operation error.


Quick Mold Change System_Video
Quick Mold Change System for Injection Molding Machine


Quick Mold Change System
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