Introduction of Magnetic Clamping Plate / System

All steel surface, oil & water proof, and more durable ㆍ35mm super thin and high-strength magnetic design ㆍMagnetic force 20% more than traditional magnetic plate ㆍ Mold dislocation detection design

magnetic clamping plate features of SANDSUN

Specifition of Magnetic Clamping System / Plate

  • The electro-permanent magnetic clamping plate/system for quick mold change system is perfectly for 50~4000 Tons injection molding machines.The latest magnetic structure and outstanding design of magnetic circuit achieves a 20% and more of the magnetic force than traditional magnetic temperate design
  • The electro-permanent magnetic clamping system/plate for quick mold change system provides much greater improvement on mold change efficiency. It performs less than 3 mintues for mold changing of general injection molding machine. For large size machine, it will shorten the mold changing time from 2 hours down to 10 minutes.
  • The magnetic clamping plate/system requires just single operator for mold changing job, or when using quick die change system. Without any tool, operator can easily handle this system beyond the safety distance of the machine. The magnetic clamping system and related safty decive can reduce labor cost and man power waste greatly. 8 special safety function designs can fully protect machine operation safety.


Magnetic Clamping Plate / System_Video
Magnetic Clamping Plate / System


Magnetic Clamping Plate / System
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