Introduction of Magnetic Clamping Plate / System

All steel surface, oil & water proof, and more durable ㆍ35mm super thin and high-strength magnetic design ㆍMagnetic force 20% more than traditional magnetic plate ㆍ Mold dislocation detection design

magnetic clamping plate features of SANDSUN

Specifition of Magnetic Clamping System / Plate

  • The electro-permanent magnetic clamping plate/system for quick mold change system is perfectly for 50~4000 Tons injection molding machines.The latest magnetic structure and outstanding design of magnetic circuit achieves a 20% and more of the magnetic force than traditional magnetic temperate design.
  • The electro-permanent magnetic clamping system/plate for quick mold change system provides much greater improvement on mold change efficiency. It performs less than 3 mintues for mold changing of general injection molding machine. For large size machine, it will shorten the mold changing time from 2 hours down to 10 minutes.
  • The magnetic clamping plate/system requires just single operator for mold changing job, or when using quick die change system. Without any tool, operator can easily handle this system beyond the safety distance of the machine. The magnetic clamping system and related safety device can reduce labor cost and man power waste greatly. 8 special safety function designs can fully protect machine operation safety.

Strength of Magnetic Quick Mold Change System

Disadvantages of Conventional Clamping

Strength of Magnetic Clamping

Working Principle



Description of Magnetic Template

Movable Magnetic Template

Fixed Magnetic Template

8 Special Safety Function Designs

8 Special Safety Function Designs

  • 1. Mold close detection
    During the mold change cycle, each piece of mold should be in close position, only can doing MAG operation in mold close condition, this interconnected control operation avoid fake operation due to external matter and gap existed between magnetic template and mold.
  • 2. Magnetic flux detection
    During operating the magnetic quick mold change system, Magnetizing force detection function is available in the controller, only when the Magnetization intensity achieve safety standard, the MAG success signal will be present. Otherwise, fault signal will be flash. In the meantime, Magnetic flux detection sensor existed in the entire magnet contact area, if magnetic flux senor detected minor decrease of flux, controller will report warning signal and stop injection mold machine automatically.
  • 3. Temperature detection
    In order to prevent Magnetic Template contact area high temperature cause the Magnetic force losing and whole magnet system clamping decrease, Temperature detection sensor will announce warning signal to stop injection molding machine operation automatically, while the temperature is over the limit.
  • 4. Magnetizing current intensity detection
    During MAG and DEMAG operation, current detection sensor monitoring MAG and DEMAG pulse current. MAG or DEMAG success signal will be reported only when reaching the request value.
  • 5. Mold dislocation detection
    Dislocation detection sensor detect mold position in real time, When mold position has a slight slip, the control system will report fault signal and the injection molding machine will stop running automatically.
  • 6. Gap detection
    Gap detection sensor use to detect the distance between magnet plate and mold, controller only can do DEMAG operation when the distance less than 0.2mm. System will report warning signal if distance over this standard, injection mold machine will automatic stop working in this circumstance.
  • 7. Interlock control system
    Only when all detection sensor in normal working condition and Magnetic template from fixed side and movable side magnetization successfully, with key switch turn into injection condition, injection machine automatic working is allowed. Otherwise, injection machine will stop working due to safety consideration.
  • 8. Key switch control
    Using key switch to transform mold change condition and injection condition. When operate DEMAG process, only press "LOCK" and "DEMAG" two buttons at the same time to operating successfully. Under injection condition, MAG and DEMAG operation is invalid.

Specifications & Configurations



Application Cases











  • Q: In accordance with the value of the magnetic plate clamping force , what basis is design with?
    A: To answer this, you need to understand the clamping force effect of the magnetic system. This product is using for overcome friction force from mold itself gravity by clamping mold back base, achieving mold does not fall from magnetic plate. design basis
    (1): the weight of mold. Design basis; 
    (2): The maximum injection molding machine open clamping force design basis; 
    (3): movable mold clamping force is larger than fixed side.

  • Q: If Sudden power failure the mold will fall?
    A: No, the magnetic plate with electric permanent magnetic principle to design & manufacture. It only needs electrical energy at the moment of magnetization and demagnetization, the rest time no need electricity. The working magnetic is from its inside rare earth permanent magnet materials, rather than electromagnetic, power outages can guarantee permanent magnet.

  • Q: Magnetic radiation is harmful to human?
    A: No, harmless. The magnetic plate after magnetization, forming a closed magnetic field on the surface of the magnetic chuck. The effective distance range of magnetic line is 20mm from the magnetic chuck, more than 20mm, the magnetic field becomes very thin, it is similar to the magnetic field strength in the air, so people with pacemakers do not close, bank cards, watches, mobile phones and other items do not close the range from less than 20mm chuck surface.

  • Q: Magnetic plate water resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance?
    A: Absolutely no problem. By using multi-layer, waterproof, anti - oil, corrosion - resistant structure, allowing to work in water, oil and gas environment.

  • Q: Magnetic plate is afraid of high temperature?
    A: This system allow operating temperature range: T1: 0-120 degrees, T2: 0-150 degrees, T3: 0-180 degrees, different temperature Levels with different price, more than 180-degree heat, we not recommend to use.

  • Q: Magnetic platen has any interference to the mechanical hand or injection molding machine?
    A: No, there is no interference. Magnetic plate only use electrical in a moment for replace mold, other times magnetic plate is completely powered off , magnetic working range is only within 20mm range of the magnetic chuck, other areas without magnetic, so it will not interfere the injection molding machine and mechanical hand work.

  • Q: Mold back base is not flat, how to solve?
    A: Need be adjusted to let the back base making full contact with magnetic system. Remove the bulgy part, such as the edge of the dent, backplane landing angle extrusion highs, tighten the back plane screw and the guide column, and remove the thick dirt on the back plane.

  • Q:Which parameters needs to be confirm before system selection?
    A. mold clamping force
    B. movable and fixed mold outside dimension, fixed hole size, fixing ring diameter and height, diameter and length of the mandrel.
    C. injection molding machine brands, models.
    D. mold contact temperature.

  • Q: Mold with heat insulation plate can be used directly ?
    A: Insulation panels applied to the outside of the mold back plane, can not be used; insulation panels applied to the inside of the mold back plane, can be used.

  • Q: Movable mold side injection molding machine top rod longer than the top rod of mold inside circumstance
    A: In this case, the injection machine rod is not top in the place has push the mold top rod completely out of the top, if the speed of movement setting too high, it will cause a opposite impact force to attraction force through the top rod movable mold and can cause the mold be knocked down from the machine.
    Solution way: Strictly control ejection stroke, do not allow larger than actual ejection stroke, properly lowering rod bar end side speed.

  • Q: The mold back cavity area is too large, clamping force will not enough 
    A: when the mold back plate uneven or cavity, the clamping force of magnetic system will decrease because contact area decrease. HQMC magnetic system in the design process are usually considered nearly 30% safety margin, it means that when the mold back plate cavity area does not exceed 20%, the magnetic system is safe. However, taking into account the actual operating conditions are always several factors affecting the attraction force of the magnetic platen, If the flatness of the mold back plate itself does not reach magnetic platen technical requirements of 0.2mm / M, If the flatness of the mold back plate itself does not reach magnetic platen technical requirements of 0.2mm / M, the back plate also have too much cavities, the mold will glide or fall due to lack of clamping force.
    Solution way: strictly control the actual area of mold back plate in safety standard also of take care size of the flatness of the mold back plate.

  • Q: The mold temperature is too high
    A: If mold back plate temperature is too high, exceeding the allowed maximum operating temperature will lead to the magnetic clamping force decline in the mold base. There is a temperature detect senor setting on the HQMC magnetic plate, when temperature alarm activate, mold back plate need to be insulated to prevent suction force decreases.

  • Q: The mold opening speed applied in the small and medium toggle injection molding machine
    A: When the magnetic platen is applied to the injection molding machine, its main purpose is to help customers to reduce changeover times improve equipment. Compare to traditional mechanical clamps for production efficiency, magnetic platen has made a lot of improvements on security. But as the above analysis, the size of the magnetic design cannot exceed the maximum clamping force of the injection molding machine. So here we need to remind all customers, when using a magnetic platen, the mold speed setting should be adjusted to a reasonable extent in the first paragraph to avoid the high-speed mold. Too fast, it will cause the vacuum in a mold cavity cannot be added in a short time, so that the mold will be pulled down from the magnetic platen by vacuum force.
    Solution: control the speed of the frst paragraph of mold within a reasonable range. Since V=1/2 〖at〗^2,mv=F,so F=1/2 atm
    (V: mold speed, a: acceleration, t: mold time, m: weight of the mold, F: Opening Force) mold speed, It means big acceleration, when the maximum value of the maximum F exceeds the magnetic attraction force of the platen, there will be pulled off the phenomenon, of course, at this time the magnetic platen alarm unit will immediately display alarm and stop operation of the device.

  • Q: Mold cannot doing open mold operation
    A: If the down time is too long after high-pressure clamping, related metal structure leads to an elastic deformation of the mold cannot mold, or because of the mold itself defect cannot mold. At this moment, force open the mold, the injection mold opening force will be larger than the magnetic clamping force , mold will slide or fall, quick change system will send alarm and emergency signal letting machine shut down. So, When a similar situation occurs, Safety protection measures for mold must be well done to prevent mold drop (use safety chain, etc.) At the same time, for the mold which cannot mold, we need to make timely repairs to prevent similar accidents.

Application of Magnetic System

Quick Mold Change Systam for Injection Molding & Press Machine

Electro-Permanent Magnetic Lifting Equipment

Electro-Permanent Chuck for Tooling Machine

Customized Automation with Magnetic Chuck


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Magnetic Clamping Plate / System


Magnetic Clamping Plate / System
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