Sandsun's quick die change system is automatic die changing system that suitable in use for hydraulic press or power press. With the quick die change system apply, it can totally save die changing time and ensure the operational safety.

Introduction of Quick Die Change System

It is an era for making high frequency of die changing with multiple patterns and small quantity. In order to save die changing time and ensure operational safety, it is just in time to apply QDCS.

Quality Quick die change system for press machine

The traditional changing die and mold will waste a lot of time and manpower, which will not only increase operating costs, but also reduce production efficiency. The quick die change system produced and peripheral related equipment by Sandsun can help operators complete the changing die and mold simple control interface on the system equipment in the safest and most efficient way.


  • Press & Hydraulic Press
  • Different Automatic Machine & Clamp System


Quick Die Change System_Video
QDCS for Press Machine


Quick Die Change System
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