Mold Change Robot

Sandsun Mold Change Robot is an autonomous mobile robot for mold changing, with innovation design mold cart that combine with SLAM & LiDAR autonomous navigation system that can process mold change without track needed.

With the Mold Change Robot, factories can increase productivity and cost saving. This is an necessary injection molding machine accessory you will need in the factory.

Introduction of Mold Change Robot

Mold Change Robot ➙ Break through the limit of the rail

Mold Change Robot is a new rail-less mold cart design, compared with the previous mold carts, there is no need to build a rail on the ground, breaking through the limitations of the rail and space. The design of combining AMR and the mold cart, which make the control of Mold Change Robot is like operating a cleaning robot. It can be easily and freely controlled with one button. Not only it can be controlled remotely, but also the location of the machine is not restricted, and the production lines in the workshop are also more flexible.

  • Unlimited expansion of trackless handling
  • Use SLAM & LiDAR for autonomous navigation
  • Remote monitoring for easy management
  • Intelligent detection and autonomous obstacle avoidance
  • Integrate and communicate with MES system
Why do you need mold cart system in the factory?

The mold cart system is a necessary product for the factory to achieve fully automatic mold change process.
When the manufacturing industry all over the world is considering the development of automatic manufacturing due to the problem of labor shortage, especially the industries that use mold production and manufacturing are no exception, such as plastic injection, metal stamping, metal die-casting and other industries. From the use of robotic arms in the production line, the transportation of finished products with conveyor belts, the online inspection of automatic inspection equipment, and the fully automated mold cart system, these automated equipment have become necessary products for manufacturers.

Common pain point of installing mold cart system in the factory

Do you have the same problems when your factory wants to upgrade to a fully automated mold changing factory?

  • The factory floor needs to be re-install rails
  • The original machine placement direction needs to be changed
  • The original factory production line must be modified
  • The existing mold cart system is not fulfill for new-coming machines

The above problems that the original rail-type mold cart system has been unable to overcome; however, SANDSUN latest Mold Change Robot can easily solve these problems.


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Mold Change Robot
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