Magnetic Quick Die Change System for Press Machine

Introduction of Magnetic Quick Die Change System for Press Machine

A lot of manpower and time are wasted when changing the mold on Press machine, which causes the production cost of the factory to increase and also reduces the production efficiency. After using magnetic system, it reduces mold change time, and increases production efficiency and product yield.

Magnetic system can be applied for any dimension and shape of die. No need to modify existing die,which can save cost on design and modification dies. In addition, the magnetic template can be customized to apply special equipment for dies.

The magnet pole could be designed in long strip shpae for lone strip die base, in order to perform better function. The magnetic template also can add T-slot or U-slot to apply for different type of die lifter.


  • Easy installation
    Only needs several screws to install magnet system on your machine, Full range of systems are customizing design and manufacture according to your technical specification. With advancing design and innovation, the thickness of magnet plate is become thinner, saving available opening stroke.
  • Easy operation
    Single operator, no extra tool required. Worker can operate the system and press beyond the safety distance, guarantee the safety of operators. Simple operation process as below: place the die on the machine-->press the "MAG" button for bolster magnetic plate-->press the "MAG" button for slide magnetic plate-->Start production
  • Security and stability
    The magnetic system adopts Electro-permanent magnetic technology. Even if the power is cut off, the magnetic force of the system is still not reduced, and the stable and uniform magnetic force ensures the quality of the stamping product. The deformation of the die is no longer caused by the conventional clamping method.


Magnetic Quick Die Change System for Press Machine
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