Introduction of Air Driven Hydraulic Pump

  • Use air to drive hydraulic pump. Once the outlet hydraulic pressure reaches the setting pressure, it will stop driving and won't waste any energy. If the outlet pressure is reducing, it will supplement pressure automatically to maintain the pressure continuously.
  • The outlet pressure of the pump and the pneumatic pressure of driving are as direct ratio. The outlet pressure will base on the adjustment of pneumatic pressure to change.
  • The hydraulic pressure (available hydraulic pressure from 60 – 500 Kgf/㎝²) , flow rate of pump and circuit control system will base on the requirement to be different.
  • The circuit control system has the function of check. If there is no pneumatic pressure, the hydraulic pressure will be maintained.
  • The best application is for work clamping systems or hydraulic pressure supply system which needs to maintain pressure for a long time but less operate.
  • It has the function of inspection pressure and can be interlocked with the machine.


Air Driven Hydraulic Pump
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