Electroic Control Operation Panel


Functions of control operation panel: (Note:Press button again to cancel the operate)

※ The clamps are including upper and lower clamps.

Function Lamp Description
Power White ON:Can operate control panel.
OFF:Can’t operate control panel,and press machine can’t be operated.
Die Change Switch
: 1.Can operate clamps and lifter.
2.Press machine can’t be operated.
: 1. Can’t operate clamps and lifter.
2.When clamps are clamping,and lifter is down→Interlock ON→ light
3.When clamps are unclamping,and lifter is down→Interlock OFF→ light
4.Press machine can be operated.
Clamp Clamping Green Flash:During clamping, or hydraulic pressure < 200MPa
Light:Finish clamping, and hydraulic pressure > 20MPa
Clamp Unclamping Yellow Light:From start to finish the unclamping.
Lifter Up Yellow Flash:During the up process.
1.Without pressure switch:lamp will flash 10 seconds.
2.With pressure switch:hydraulic pressure <20 MPa
Light:Finish up process.
Lifter Down Green Light:From start to finish the down process.
Green Light: when
1.Interlock ON:clamps are clamping,and hydraulic pressure>20 MPa,and lifter is down.
2.Interlock OFF:clamps are unclamping,and lifter is down.
Error Red Light:
1.Finish clamping, but hydraulic pressure<20 MPa.
2.Only clamping single side die.
3.During the process of lifter up.( →Flash )
4.Pipe or parts leaking,let hydraulic pressure<20 MPa.

1.Didn't meet the requirement of clamp unclamping or lifter up (Ex. When no cam switch signal)
2.Operation Error (EX. When lower clamp didn't unclamping, then operate lifter up)
3.Press again the same function button, or ,to cancel flash.
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