Precautions for the use of magnetic clamping plate system

Precautions for the use of magnetic clamping plate system

There are certain conditions for using any product, and the most important things to pay attention to when use magnetic clamping platen are as follows:

  1. The size of the mold platen:

    Use 60T machine’s platen size as an example (left-right 480㎜ × up-down 460㎜),the MIN platen size required is 250㎜ × 250㎜. Because the limit size of the MIN platen is to prevent not enough magnetic which may cause can’t production; When the magnetization intensity achieve safety standard. The MAG success signal will be present. If magnetic flux senor detected minor decrease of flux, controller will report warning signal and stop injection mold machine automatically.

  2. Mold back base is not flat:

    If mold back is not flat that need to adjust it making full contact with magnetic system. Such as the edge of the dent and remove the bulgy part then it can be used.

  3. Mold temperature:

    The magnetic clamping system allow operating temperature : T1: 0~120℃ ; T2:0~150℃ ; T3:0~180℃. If temperature over 180℃, we will not recommend to use.

  4. Mold back cavity area is too large:

    When the mold back plate uneven or cavity, it will caused decrease of magnetic system. When we design magnetic system that will considered nearly 30% safety margin. It means, when the mold back cavity area does not exceed 20%, the magnetic system is still safety.

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