Suitable for small machines-DLS Die Lifter- Spring Model

Suitable for small machines-DLS Die Lifter- Spring Model

The die lifter usually used with quick die change system on press machine and hydraulic press machine. The design of the die lifter is to use oil pressure to lift the die away from the lower platen, In addition to easy to use, it can also avoid the lower platen and the bottom of the die to worn out during the die sending process. But customer often do not want to use pump or controller due to machine space. If so, should we have other die lifter model to choose? Of course, you can choose to use spring type of die lifter.

If machine’s U-slot and T-slot is smaller, and the die is lighter. Customer can choose DLS spring type die lifter. The length of the die lifter is 200㎜& 300㎜ and the height range of slot is larger. It will be more matched with the size of the machine and U-slot.

In addition to the standard model of DLS die lifter. SANDSUN will according to different needs of customer, such as the depth of the lower plate, the weight of the die and the direction of die change etc…SANDSUN also can help customer customized the die lifter model.

We have a European customer, when their die moved into the machine, because of the structure of the machine, the die need to be moved in the machine after it is moved. Therefore, the customer requires use spring model die lifter with balls, so SANDSUN designed new die lifter-DBS model. For customer, DBS die lifter make it easier and more convenient to move molds in the machine.

SANDSUN has always provided customized products in response to the needs of customers so that they can use products that are more suitable for them. Also thanks customers for affirming SANDSUN’s product quality and services.


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