Magnetic Clamping System FQA

Magnetic Clamping System FQA

In the current environment, it is a good time to introduce magnetic clamping system, only need one operator. This reduces labor costs and labor consumption, and the mold change speed is faster than hydraulic clamping. The latest magnetic structure and outstanding design of magnetic circuit achieves a 20% and more of the magnetic force than traditional magnetic plate design. And SANDSUN magnetic clamping have 8 special safety function designs.

  1. SANDSUN magnetic plate water resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance?

    SANDSUN magnetic plate are designed with steel surface, anti-oil and IP67 waterproof

  2. If suddenly power failure the mold will fall?

    NO. The magnetic plate has the guarantee that the magnetic will not be lost when the power is turned off. Magnetic core will be changed after the magnetic is converted to the power. The power will not cause the magnetic plate to lose the magnetic

  3. How does SANDSUN magnetic clamping system of mold change benefit? How to compare with hydraulic clamping system?

    For example of 600T machine, hydraulic clamping time around 60~80 secs (Depending on the thickness of the mold plate and the length of the tubes).But magnetic clamping time around 5 secs. (After the conditions are met.)

  4. What’s the difference between magnetic clamping and hydraulic clamping?

    Magnetic clamping and hydraulic clamping have different advantages. The biggest advantage of magnetic clamping is that mold change time is reduced a lot. Of course, the requirements for the mold plate and the details of the machine are relatively higher.

  5. What should we pay attention to when using hydraulic clamping and magnetic clamping?

    Hydraulic clamping:
    The thickness of the mold plate must be standardized. The thickness of standard clamping tolerance is ±2㎜, not only water tubes needs to pay attention to whether there is interference, but also the size of the concave type of mold and T-slot’s depth is sufficient. The die clamp clamping needs some time for the pump to operate.

    Magnetic clamping:
    There is a MIN mold range and the mold back plate cavity area does not exceed 20%. The clamping force of magnetic system will increase because contact area increase. Therefore, there will be limits on the width and height of the mold plate to ensure that the magnetic clamping force is enough. However, the magnetized and demagnetized time only needs 3~6 secs to complete the magnetization and start production. The range of the MIN mold and mold information is also related to the products produced by the machine, it will affect the planning range of the MIN mold.

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