【Convenience of CD Model – Auto Slide Clamp】

【Convenience of CD Model – Auto Slide Clamp】

For large press machine, SANDSUN designed a more user-friendly of automatic hydraulic clamping system - [CD Model of Auto Slide Clamp]. In order to provide the efficiency and safety of operator for changing the dies.

This clamp is different from the previous standard clamps. Generally, the standard clamps need to be manually moved to push the clamps forward and backward to perform die change operations; while the design of the auto slide clamp uses a pneumatic cylinder with a chain. The pneumatic cylinder automatically pushes the die clamp forward. When the sensor touched the die and confirms that the die clamp has been positioned, the clamping action will begin.

Conversely, when the die needs to be changed, there is also a backward sensor when the die clamp is retracted to the position. With the design of forward and backward of auto slide clamp, the safety protection mechanism in the entire die change operation is improved.

For example of 800T press machine:
The upper platen uses manual die clamp which require CA-4×20 PCS. During the die change operation, manually operate one die clamp to advance and retreat, and confirm the positioning for about 30 seconds which there are 20 PCS die clamp in total. It will takes about 10 minutes to complete the clamping die.

However, If customer used with auto slide clamp, although CD-4×20 die clamp are used. When clamping the die, you only need to press a button to complete the forward or backward of 20 PCS die clamp in 30 seconds then you can start to arrange production.

In the die change operation, it can greatly reduce the cost of labor and time. In the demand for high frequence of die changing with multiple patterns, it can shorten the die change time and reduce the waste of labor cost, improve the production efficiency, and reduce the die change time to increase the production capacity. Customer can better respond to the rapidly changing market.


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