Benefits of Quick Mold/Die Change System

Benefits of Quick Mold/Die Change System

Quickly respond to small and diverse production trends

In the recent years, the way of product’s demand has changed from traditional mass production into multiple and small quantity production. Many factory owners have to face the big environmental stress, such as delivery date shortened, production cost reduced, the quality of product improved, and so on. Hence, they try to find ways to solve and adapt the flexible production pattern. In order to greeting the era for making high frequency & mold / die change system with multiple patterns and small quantity, it is just in time to apply the Quick mold change system and Quick die change system with saving time for the mold / die change and ensuring the operation safety.

The best boost mechanism for injection and press machine

Quick mold change system and Quick die change system direct benefit is shorten time of die/ mold change、decrease time of production idle、increase capability of machine、adapt multiple and small quantity production and lower down the percentage of inventory; Also can be die/ mold and operation standardized、automation、achieve prompt production and sales、improve operation safety、company image and environment of factory. Let more young people have invest in this industry.

Therefore, It would be too slow If you haven’t use quick mold / die change system.


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