FAQ about Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit

FAQ about Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit

  1. What is a hydraulic pump unit?

    Hydraulic pump unit is a device to increase the pressure of the fluid and make the pressurized fluid produce a greater propulsive force than usual.

  2. What is the function of the hydraulic pump unit?

    Using air to drive hydraulic pump is just the main function of the hydraulic pump unit.

  3. Where can the hydraulic pump unit be used?

    Press machine, hydraulic press, die casting machine, injection molding machine, blow molding machine …etc. It can also be used alone in the slide lock, feeder and stick release.

  4. How to choose the specifications of hydraulic pump unit?

    The hydraulic pressure available hydraulic pressure from (70~500kg/cm²), flow rate of pump and circuit control system will base on the requirement to be different.

  5. What are the advantages of hydraulic pump unit?

    1. Once the hydraulic pressure reaches the setting pressure, it will stop driving and won’t waste any energy.
    2. Each hydraulic circuit has signal of pressure switch, when the pressures is lower than the safe pressure setting, it will immediately notify the machine to stop.
    3. The outlet hydraulic pressure reaches the setting pressure will be stop. If the outlet pressure is reducing, it will supplement pressure automatically to maintain the pressure continuously.
    4. Independent circuit of hydraulic system. Each circuit is controlled separately which is convenient for signal mold change or maintenance.
    5. The non-leak valve won’t leak oil inside and has the function to maintain pressure for a long time for each circuit.
    6. The premise of the non-leak valve without leakage in the pipe, when pressures is established, there will be no reducing within one year.
  6. When using the hydraulic pump unit, what’s the matter need to pay attention to?

    1. Adding probably hydraulic oil in oil tank and regularly check the oil tank if there is still enough oil in it.
    2. The pressure of the air inlet should be reached 5kgf/c㎡.
    3. Please check if the voltage of input control operation panel and pump unit is correct or not.
    4. The pipe should be always kept clean.
    5. The air supply of the air driven hydraulic pump unit should be kept dry. It can prevent fur happening and reduce the function of pump and other components.
    6. Please change the oil in the oil tank, every two years or when the oil quality is in the bad situation.
  7. What kind of hydraulic oil can be used?

    Can be used ISO-VG-32 or other similar hydraulic oil.

  8. Can the PA model hydraulic pump be replaced with the PB model hydraulic pump?

    The PA model hydraulic pump has been stopped production. Due to the upgrade of detailed parts to improve performance, it is replaced by the PB model and the installation locking holes are the same.

  9. Can other pump unit be replaced with SANDSUN’s pump unit?

    Need to provide the information of other brand products to SANDSUN for check, there will be person to help purchase.

  10. When hydraulic pump unit have some problem, what should I do?

    You can make a phone call or write email to ask, there will be a maintenance service team to serve, or you can send the hydraulic pump unit back to SANDSUN for repair.

  11. Can I just buy a single part on the hydraulic pump unit and replace it by myself?

    Air Solenoid Valve, pressures switch and pump unit can be replace it by yourself. It’s not recommended to replace other parts by yourself.

  12. If the hydraulic pump unit has special requirements, can it be customized?

    Yes. It can be customized, and you need to provide information to SANDSUN for planning.

  13. How to know the specifications of old products.

    Every product of SANDSUN will have a sticker with a serial number for tracking. If it has been used for a long time and the sticker is gone. You can provide a detailed photos of the old product for confirmation.

  14. Will be the tested for quality of hydraulic pump unit before shipment?

    Yes. Hydraulic pump unit and non-leak valve need to test of holding pressures actuation for 24 hours. When assembled hydraulic pump unit also needs to test holding pressures actuation for 24 hours before shipment. (SANDSUN will record the holding pressures test data on the form.)

  15. How to ensure the quality of each hydraulic pump unit purchased

    SANDSUN’s quality controlstrong> engineer will have a long term pressure test of each batch of product samples for every month to ensure that the quality is good.


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