【One must have good tools in order to do a good job】-SANDSUN internal training , technical exchange

There's a saying that goes “Sharpening your axe will not delay your job of chopping wood”. It means that more preparation may quicken the speed of work. SANDSUN also basic on this spirit.

As long as the customer has need for installation of quick die change system, the engineers of SANDSUN whether in Taiwan, U.S.A, Thailand, India, Australia, Egypt, etc., we will completed the customer's installation needs. Because of this, when we installation, probably because of the different types of machines, environmental factors or personnel operations, etc., Each engineer encountered different situation, but they have to solved each case. And also increases experiences through different situations.

SANDSUN’s engineers can be gathering together is not easy because they always install quick die change system everywhere. When they got a chance, they will sharing their handing special cases, learning installation engineering, maintenance and product troubleshooting without any hide. The purpose is to meet all the various situations during installation and have a better way to get out of trouble.

A senior engineer even said: "When installing, there are many tools that need to be used, and the function of each tool is also different. In addition to knowing at what stage of installation, what appropriate tools to use and apply in a timely manner to achieve our purpose. "

For installation project, if not pay attention, the devil will be in the details. Therefore, it is more necessary to rely on the accumulation of experience to complete installation projects and carefully. In addition to reached customer expectations. It’s also responsibility of SANDSUN.

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