Quickly and easily change molds without locking plate screws

The fact proved that the mold can be changed quickly and easily without using the lock plate screw.

In September 2019, Taiwan satellite TV / cable TV manufacturer (JEBxxx) purchased a magnetic clamping plate from SANDSUN to improve the mold and line changing problem. Our Magnetic clamping system also improves the safety of personnel changing molds due to the introduction of this system, and saves more time and improves production efficiency when changing molds than traditional methods.

JEBxxx, in order to improve the mold and line changing time when purchasing injection machines, asked whether there is such a product in the TOYO injection machine business. Fortunately, I found SANDSUN through the introduction of the TOYO injection molding machine business, but also because SANDSUN provides products that can quickly and easily replace the mold without the screw of the clamping plate: The magnetic clamping plate makes it easy and happy to change the mold and line.

Generally, injection factory feels like the lights are dim and the ground is dirty. However, the electronics factory needs a clean environment to not contaminate the product, and it takes a lot of time to change the mold. The oil pressure type of quick mold change system, customers are also worried about oil leakage. SANDSUN’s  magnetic clamping system, In addition to the fast mold change time which only takes one minute to complete the mold change (magnetization and demagnetization time is about 0.5 ~ 3 seconds), there are 8 special safety function designs, IP67 levels of waterproof and dustproof, and product insurance.

The magnetic quick mold changing system improves the mold changing efficiency by at least 50%. Even non-professional mold change masters can easily complete the mold change work. In addition to improving our mold change and product line time, it also makes us simpler and faster. The replacement of the mold makes work easier and safer, and also maintains the on-site environment. In the future, you don't need to worry about mold changing and test mold problems.

This case successfully helped the customer to improve the mold changing problem. Also thank our customers certainly SANDSUN professional.

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