Control Operation Panel

    Highly reliable pneumatic-hydraulic drive (intensifier). permits 50% cheaper energy cost to operate than the electric drive system. Simples structure assures easy maintenance.

    Pressure adjustment can be done by pulling out the adjusting knob. After adjustment, push in the knob,and the setting is locked.

    The plate is precisely machined and hardened ,and pressure-resisting, wear-resisting parts are adopted for which ,hence there won't be oil-leaking after long time of service. It features simple structure and easy maintenance.


  • Concentrated control over P.C. board piercing system and quick die change system.
  • Equipped with knock out position (0° or 180°) selector switch for:
  • 1. 0° Knock out : When holes pierced, the press slide upward rapidly to 9 o'clock direction (adjustable) for knock out.
    2. 180° Knock out : Knock out is done directly at lower dead point When holes pierced.
  • A key is provided as a safety feature for the die clamp control knob for avoiding misoperation.
  • The die clamp system is provided with normal and abnormal indicating lights for upper and lower dies respectively for easy identification.
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