The innovation of mold change efficiency in the manufacturing – Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly

The innovation of mold change efficiency in the manufacturing – Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly

Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly-Hook-type closeup

In the process of manufacturing development, improving production efficiency and reducing costs have always been the goals that enterprises are constantly pursuing. However, due to the design flaws of overhead cranes between multiple factory and complex mold change operations, a large amount of mold change time has always been a main problem for enterprises. At the same time, the insufficient height of the factory building also makes mold change extremely challenging. In order to solve these problems, SANDSUN has introduced a new solution. - #Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly.

#Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly is a mold handling equipment that can be flexibly moved across factory areas. Its characteristic is that it has a hook mechanism and can be used with the Quick Mold Change System, which greatly shortens the mold change time.

This cart is equipped with an external hook push-pull device, which can flexibly move to a designated position, and is combined with the Quick Mold Change System to push and pull the mold in and out of the machine. The application of this integrated technology not only improves production efficiency and increases the flexibility of cross-factory mold changes, but also makes enterprises more competitive and able to adapt to market changes more flexibly.

The working principle of #Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly is based on its manual operation and movement characteristics. The design of the hook mechanism makes it easier to push and pull the mold. The Quick Mold Change System further improves the mold change efficiency of the production line, making the production process faster.

Taking a practical application case as an example, after a company introduced #Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly, it successfully solved the production obstacle caused by the long mold change time. This not only increases production capacity, but also enhances the company's ability to respond to demand fluctuations.

As manufacturing technology continues to evolve, we foresee that #Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly will become a key point of the future manufacturing mold change solutions. Its flexibility and high efficiency will allow the manufacturing industry to better respond to market changes.

To sum up, the application of #Hook-type Electric Mold Trolly with hook mechanism and Quick Mold Change System brings a new mold change solution to manufacturing. This not only improves production efficiency, but also increases mobility, making companies more competitive. The application of this integrated technology injects new vitality into the manufacturing and promotes innovations in production processes.

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