What are the safety protections of the Quick Mold Change System (Ⅱ)

What are the safety protections of the Quick Mold Change System (Ⅱ)

We have introduced the protection of the oil circuit in the previous article, this time we will introduce the safety protection on the control panel.

  • ● Two-way control of unclamp the mold :

    SANDSUN controller is two-way control. You have to operated “Mold Change” (with key) first when you want to unclamp the mold, and then operate the unclamp to achieve the mold unclamp condition. The key have to turned to OFF after the mold is changed. Then the machine can be operated.

  • ● Independent control :

    The fixed and movable platen of unclamp that control buttons are separately, which is convenient for single mold change or maintenance operations.

  • ● Connection switch :

    When the clamping is completed and the hydraulic pressure is reach the safety pressure, you can operate the “connection switch”to establish a safe connection with the machine, so that when an abnormal operation occurs, the machine stops immediately.

  • ● Signal contact :

    When the mold is unclamped, the signal contact will interlock to the machine. For example, when machine in manual mode, injection unit backward, ejector backward and mold close, then you can operated of the die unclamp.


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