How to choose Quick Die Change System FAQ

How to choose Quick Die Change System FAQ

  1. Many customers call to ask if they use other brands of Quick Die Change System and would like to replace it with SANDSUN's QDCS. Is it applicable?

    Of course, but you must provide more information about the old Quick Die Change System first. SANDSUN has a professional QDCS team that can plan and select appropriate replacements for customers.

  2. How to choice the Die Clamp?

    • ①Total clamping force which the machine needs (Σ F)
      =Machine capacity (Tons)×15%~20%
    • ②The ratio of total clamping force is as follow:
      Upper clamp (Σ F1)=(Σ F)×60%
      Lower clamp (Σ F2)=(Σ F)×40%
    • ③Each die clamping force (F):according to the die clamp quantity(n) for each upper and lower die
      Upper clamp ( F)=(Σ F1)/ n (tons)
      Lower clamp ( F)=(Σ F2)/ n (tons)
    • For example:How to choice Die Clamp for 200T press machine?

    • 200T×15%=30 (Total clamping force which the machine needs)
    • ②30×60%=18 (total clamping force of upper clamp)
      30×40%=12 (total clamping force of lower clamp)
    • ③If there will be used 4 pcs for each platen:
      18 / 4=4.5 (Each upper die clamping force have to over than 4.5 tons)
      12/ 4=3 (Each lower die clamping force have to over than 3 tons)
    • Therefore, we will suggest customer use CA/CB-6 for upper die clamp and CA/CB-4 for lower die clamp.

  3. What is the difference between CA model clamp and CB model clamp?

    CA model clamp is suitable for the template with the U slot.
    CB model clamp is suitable for the template without the U slot.

  4. How should I choose PB or PC model Hydraulic Pump Unit?

    The total quantity of die clamp does not over than 12 PCS, the PB series can be selected. When die clamp used more than 16PCS or over 16 tons, the PC series Hydraulic Pump Unit is recommended. Because the flow rate of the PC pump is larger than PB pump, and hydraulic pressure filling speed is faster as well.

  5. How to choose "Die Lifter"?

    According to the weight of dies the size of the plate and the operational request. SANDSUN has hydraulic die lifter DL model (Roller type)、DB model (Ball type) or spring model of DL and DLS Die lifter.

  6. When the platen with the hole, which model of die lifter should be used?

    We have two stepped die liter and removable die lifter can be selected.

  7. There are only T-slot on the platen, can the die lifter be shared with T-slot?

    Yes。However, it only can be used removable die lifter, and have to pay attention to whether the T-slot’s width (W) is same as the die lifter’s width (W)

  8. If the U-slot depth (H) of die lifter is deeper than the standard specifications in the SANDSUN ‘s catalogue, can it be used?

    Yes。But cannot be less than standard specified in the catalogue.

  9. How to choose "Die Arm"?

    According to the size and weight of the die that select the applicable length and maximum capacity of the Die Arm.

  10. If use RD model (Hanging type), what should we pay attention for?

    The hanging length of RD model should be less than the height between the platen and the ground, otherwise the arm cannot be completely hanging down and closer the machine body.

  11. If use RE/RF model (Folding type), what should we pay attention for?

    RE/RF can be folding outward or inward for storage. If the RE/RF to be folding inward, the distance for installing the two arms should be more than the distance between the installations.

  12. The weight of the die is heavier than 3 tons, is there a suitable die arm for use?

    You could choose RS model (Heavy duty). Single RS model die arm can support around 3 tons of the die weight. If you have special requirements, you can provide more information let SANDSUN for evaluation.


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