FAQ about quick mold change system

FAQ about quick mold change system

  1. What is quick mold change system?

    The function of quick mold change system uses hydraulic clamps or magnetic plates to replace the screws to fix mold on the machine. Which can make mold-changing work more time-saving, labor-saving and safer jobs.

  2. In which industries can the quick mold change system be used?

    Quick mold change system can be used in any industry that needs to replace the mold, especially press machines, hydraulic presses, plastic injection molding machine, die casting machine and blow molding machine.

  3. What are the advantages of the quick mold change system?

    1. Make mold-changing work more time-saving, labor-saving and safer.
    2. The general operator can operate without relying on the master to change the mold.
    3. Introduce automatic mold change system to enhance the company's image.
    4. Reduce machine standstill time and improve production efficiency.
    5. The clamping force on the mold is averaged to improve the yield of the finished product.
  4. Are there any restrictions and precautions for using the quick mold change system?

    • Hydraulic system: The thickness of the mold back plate needs to be unified, and the machine is recommended to have T-slots.

    • Magnetic system: The maximum and minimum mold size needs to be regulated, and the mold back plate needs to be flat and not bended.

  5. How does the quick mold change system ensure that the mold will not fall?

    • Hydraulic system: Each circuit has an independent non-leak valve (check valve) design. System will keep the pressure for at least 10 days or more without electricity and pneumatic, If external piping is no leakage.

    • Magnetic system: The system has magnetic flux detection, and the machine can operate only when there is no problem in the mold suction detection. Detection of dislocation and gap to ensure that the mold is free of misalignment and displacement during production. Standard mechanical safety hooks ensure that all molds have no doubts about slipping.

  6. How much cost can be saved and how much production efficiency can be improved by using rapid die change system?

    The following is the annual cost savings and increased output value of the Taiwan auto lamp manufacturer's introduction of quick mold change system:

    Manual mold change:
    30 (minutes/time) × 6 (times/day) = 180 (minutes/day)
    Quick mold change:
    10 (minutes/time) × 6 (times/day) = 60 (minutes/day)
    Time saving:
    2 (hours/day)
    Cost savings:
    2×$6 USD(basic wages per hour) = $12 (USD/day)
    $12 × 24 (working days/month) × 12 (months) = $3,456 (USD/year)
    Increase output value:
    $40 (USD/hour) × 2 (hour/day) = $80 (USD/day)
    $80 (USD/day) × 24 days × 12 (months) =$23,040(USD/year)
    Investment benefit:
    $3,456 + $23,040 = $26,496 (USD/year)
  7. How long is the warranty for the quick die change system?

    The warranty time of the quick die change system produced by SANDSUN is One year.

  8. Can the quick mold change system be installed by itself?

    It is basically installed by SANDSUN or SANDSUN authorized dealers. If you want to install it by yourself, please confirm with SANDSUN about the installation details.

  9. What are the safety designs of the quick mold change system?

    • Hydraulic system: pump automatic pressure compensation, pressure switch detects oil pressure, and cross-clamping separate circuit Control, power-off clamping system, mold-releasing conditions are interlocked with the machine.

    • Magnetic system: magnetic flux detection, temperature detection, mold dislocation detection, gap detection, machine interlock control, mechanical safety hook.

  10. What company needs to use quick mold change system?

    Factory with high frequency of mold change. Company wants to apply automated production.

  11. How durable is quick mold change system?

    If there is proper regular maintenance, it can be used for 10-20 years.

  12. Does quick mold change system need maintenance?

    Regular maintenance is required. It is mainly for regular replacement of hydraulic oil and replacement of seals.

  13. How to choose quick mold change system?

    Provide machine information to SANDSUN. SANDSUN will have person to help you.

  14. Can the old machines use quick mold change system?

    The old machine can also be applied quick mold change system; however, it is necessary to check the current status of the machine.

  15. Can the old quick mold change system continue to be used on the newly purchased machine?

    You can use the old quick mold change system on the new machine, but the T-slot specifications of the new machine and the original machining holes on the platen must be consistent.


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