About Sandsun

From 1991 to now, “Quick Die/Mold Change System” is our main product. We keep our running principle consistently -“Moderate &Reliable, Aggressive & Creative, Demanding for Perfection, and Constant Operation”.

We continually research and develop “Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit”, “Overload Protector for Press machine”, “Mold Changer System” and so on. The moderate of enterprise is the vitality to push our company to be constant operation. Our whole staffs work together to manage the company practically. We gather many resources to face this changeable and competitive market and realize enterprise managing is an endless running. We hold aggressive attitude to take every challenge, research and develop innovatively and constantly, seek the best quality of the products, promote our technique, provide the best service to our customers.

To prospect the future, we set our sights on stable quality of present products, research and develop new products, expand the foreign market, set new plants to manufacture, and develop relative lines of business. We expect our company to go ahead to the goal of diversification.


We adopt the prefix of Sandsun and change the shape to be the design of Sandsun logo. It represents fast “SPEED” and enthusiasm “SUN”. The designer uses upper and lower arc to spin the whole design. It presents the meaning of circulation, running, and full of vitality. In the middle, the hollow curve from left to right symbolize stable growth without any obstruction.

As to the color, orange color stands for our service attitude with enthusiasm and positives.Green color stands for the enterprise spirit with growth and aggression.These two colors reflect and complement each other. It fully expresses our running principles with positive & practical, aggressive & creative, approaching & perfection, constant & operation.

The pronunciation of “SANDSUN” is same with Chinese company name. “SANDSUN” is combined by “SAND” and “SUN”. Many grains of sand piled up will make a pagoda. We wish take the meaning on company running and operation. Sunshine is exposed in the earth. We can see it everywhere. We expect Sandsun products can spread to worldwide.