Power Unit
Highly reliable pneumatic-hydraulic drive (intensifier)pemits 50% cheaper energy cost to operate than the electric drive system. Simples structure assures easy maintenance.

Holde Knob/Knock Out Knob
Pressure adjustment can be done by pulling out the adjusting knob. After adjustment, push in the knob, and the setting is locked.

Piercing Plate
The plate is precisely machined and hardened, and pressure-resisting, wear-resisting parts are adopted for which, hence there won't be oil-leaking after long time service. It features simple structure and easy maintenance.


Control Operation Panel控制箱
Control Operation Panel
Die Clamp
Die Clamp
Air Drive Hydraulic Pump Unit泵浦
Air Drive Hydraulic Pump Unit



Sandsun Piercing Systemfeatures1

Conventional Method (Without Holder System)features1


  • This system employs hydraulic pressure for activating the plate to knock out. It is totally different from the conventional mechanical structure, adn can prevent the board and the dies from being heavily impacted by the press, thus minimize the breaking of pierce pin and prolong the dies service life.
  • Simple adjustment can be made for the operating pressure for knock out and holder according to the P.C. board materials and specifications.m
  • Holder function is provided in order to avoid cracking, flaking and burr during hole piercing.
  • Quick die change system is equipped in order to minimize the dies changing time and ensure the work safety.



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