Shorten the operation time of mold change.

Auto position checking of mold changer moving.

Automatically check the stroke of mold open, arrival and positioning in the process of mold mov-in.

Device for preventing mold sliding.


Single machine and mold單機單模

Single machines and twin molds (fixed hook set)單機雙模-鈎模座固定


Multi-machine in one line (fixed hook set)多機直列-鈎模座固定

Multi-machines in one line (movable hook set)多機直列-鈎模座移動

Multi-machines in one line (movable hook set)多機並列


*Customers are required to finish the following things before Mold Changer System installation.

1. Rail construction.
2. Standardize the mold template.
3. Process the mold positioning slot, the hole of fixed plate for hook set, and mold template chamfering.